White serving platter filled with homemade baked taquitos garnished with pico de gallo cilantro and queso fresco

Pork and Poblano Taquitos

Remember last week when I shared that yummy Pork Carnitas recipe? Well somehow I ended up with leftovers (I have no idea how!?!?!?) and some extra poblano peppers. So naturally my mind went straight to my meal prep for Sunday. These taquitos are loaded with flavor and pack a bite […]

A white wooden table with a homemade summer tomato tart with goat cheese and red onion

Summer Tomato Tart

This gorgeous, colorful and super simple tomato tart is loaded with goat cheese, dill and red onion. Perfect for all those ripe tomatoes you’ve got in the garden! Store bought pie crust makes this baked tomato tart a breeze, so don’t worry about wasting all your time in the kitchen. […]