Ceramic bowl filled with homemade pico de gallo loaded with tomatoes onion garlic jalapeno and cilantro

Easy Pico de Gallo

This easy pico del gallo recipe is quick, simple and loaded with flavor. Fresh tomatoes combine with onion, garlic, cilantro and jalapeno to form a fresh and healthy condiment perfect for any Mexican dish! What kind of tomatoes should I use? I love roma tomatoes. They have just the right […]

Small serving platter of homemade garlic hummus garnished with olive oil parsley and paprika

Simple Homemade Hummus

You know what my toddler’s favorite food is? Hummus. You open the fridge and she starts this kind of whisper chant in her raspy voice with her little gap tooth lisp, “hummuth, hummuth, hummuth.” Even when she can’t see the hummus in the fridge, she knows it’s there and she […]